Anxiety Disorders & OCD

I treat anxiety disorders and OCD using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The core treatment, and the research-based "gold standard", for anxiety and OCD is exposure with response prevention (ER/P), which means gradually exposing yourself to the things that make you anxious, and learning to cope well with that experience. If you choose to come for in-person sessions, we will conduct exposure exercises together in and around my office location at whatever locations you need to address your anxiety. If you choose to participate in online video sessions, I am able to coach you as you practice exposure exercises in whatever environment you need to practice in - at home, in your office, outside, or even in your car.

Many clients with anxiety find that online video sessions from their own familiar environment allow them to feel more comfortable and relaxed than they would otherwise in a therapist's office, allowing them to more quickly and easily engage in the therapeutic process.

I have received specialized training on OCD and ERP through NOCD. I work with the NOCD platform to deliver evidence-based, research-backed treatment for OCD. NOCD accepts most insurances, only for the treatment of OCD. The NOCD program has been shown to provide significant reductions in OCD symptoms in only 9 weeks. The NOCD app is also available free of charge to help support the recovery of people with OCD. For more information, check out .

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